The iBum… Who Are We Kidding?

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So i’m all for innovation & technology, and esspecially when these aspects are integrated into furniture design- THOUGH, I feel like we get carried away sometimes.  Thus, the iBum designed by Tomomi Sayuda.  What is it? In brief, the chair essentially has a scanner on the seat which will automatically photocopy your ‘behind’ when you sit down on it, and then print the image from the side of the chair.

I will admit that this chair is extremely humourous and quite interesting, but I just cannot bring myself to find its’ true purpose.  Maybe that’s the answer, “There is no purpose!” I’ll let you decide for yourself how you feel about it, i’m done being an ASS! (no pun intended.)

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View the Video of the iBUM

2 comments to The iBum… Who Are We Kidding?

  • shafiyi

    The philosophy on the website “The arse is the window of the soul” is quite interesting however it still lacks relevant purpose.

  • aleem

    I did come across the quote which I would have to agree with you is somewhat of a purpose and carries a meaning, but at the end of the day maybe is too strong of a meaning for what the chair truly is and functions as. Wouldn’t you agree?

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